We help you to become more autonomous. Safer. Smarter.
Flasheye has all tools needed to understand what is happening in the physical environment and generate insights with lightweight messages. 

Take the next steps towards fully autonomous operations.

More autonomous

Lidar-based vision systems are the most accurate and promising technology that provide the eyes for robots, vehicles, etc. with an understanding of the environment similar to humans. This mitigate the need of human attention and repetitive tasks.

Safer and smarter

Thousands of 3D measurement points and distances are captured in real-time, making it possible to act immediately if there are any risks.  We have a library of AI/ML/rule-based algorithms to understand different scenarios.

Keep the momentum

We understand that the technology development changes quickly. Flasheye software solutions support almost all sensors that generate 3D data. This allows you to upgrade to the latest technology and keep the momentum. 

Uphold Integrity 

Light detection allows us to detect movements with high precision without identifying individuals and breaching integrity and GDPR. We have receive very positive response to the opportunity to monitor and detect events without using video.

Set up scenarios. Let the sensors work 24/7.

Object detection

Size | Velocity | Direction

Change detection

Volume | Intrusion | Characteristics  

Real time locating 

Tracking | Prediction | Distances

Meta-data and insights

Classification | Counting |Trends

You are in good hands

Flasheye is a software company based in Luleå, Sweden. The company has product development at the forefront and patent-pending methods that enable quick and secure installations. With competencies from research, automation, software development, systems of systems, photogrammetry, AI, robotics, drones, and the process industry, we are thrilled to help our customers to solve the most challenging problems. We started in the mining industry but today Flasheye serves several industries with lidar-based smart monitoring. 

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