Flasheye View: Tracing the trajectory of the smart sensor


CCTV cameras walked so lidar sensors could run! However, to know the destination of sensor technology we must trace the steps of the CCTV market. 

Flasheye View: Elevation through Automation


With the rise of A.I and robot, people are more fearful than ever for their livelihoods. We'd like to set your mind at ease and let you know why you should embrace and harness the coming changes for the greater good of your business!

How to be a developer friendly employer


We list 5 areas which fosters innovation and make developers thrive!

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Flasheye View: The Power of Community and Webinars


At Flasheye, our core principle is making the world a safer place and ensuring our collective peace of mind. What better way to do that than sharing our knowledge and fostering a community where we can innovate with lidar together?

Flasheye View: Leveraging Lidar Simulations and Virtual Environments for Enhanced Real-Time Monitoring


Find out how and why building our own simulation platform makes perfect sense for Flasheye and real-time lidar monitoring as a whole.

Flasheye View: A Strategic Approach to AI and lidar.


AI technologies, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, have the potential to significantly impact the lidar software industry.  

Discover the use case of lidars installed in the infrastructure A-Z


Lidar is used for a variety of applications. Everything from robotics, scanning landscapes, and acting as the eyes for autonomous vehicles. But in this post; we focus on the use cases with lidar sensors installed in the infrastructure (similar to cameras).

Flasheye View: Why International Workers Day is more than just a day off from work.


International Workers Day isn't a day off from work for us, but a reminder of our origins and our principles going forward.