Add zones. Add rules. Integrate.

With these three simple steps, you can utilize lidar's outstanding ability to detect movements, shapes, and potentially expensive deviations. With Flasheye's built-in features, you can solve the most common use cases, such as industrial monitoring of production flows and activities between people, machines, and vehicles. Typical security applications like detecting intrusions and automatically controlling PTZ cameras are also made much more straightforward!


We support mining companies to optimize their operations, automate production, and mitigate the need for constant maintenance.

Volume measurements

Measure the volumes of stockpiles and material on conveyor belts and truck beds. Start tracking the volume data to gain insights into your operations. Learn more

Detect Deviations

Detect deviations based on quality parameters early before severe damage occurs. We have a library of ideal parameters to track. Learn more

Traffic Control

Detect and track activities between people, vehicles, and machines to improve safety and boost the efficiency! Learn more

Wood, pulp and paper

We support companies in the forest industry by keeping them safe while optimizing their efficiency.

Volume measurements

Measure the volumes of stockpiles, the material on conveyor belts, and on truckbeds. Start to track the volume data and gain insights about your operations. Learn more

Optimize Production

Monitor free space and control machines automatically based on real-time 3D data, e.g. feed material on time and detect errors in production.

Temporary safety zones 

Create temporary safety zones around machines during operations to improve the safety in a dynamic environment. Learn more


We provide lidar solutions to security companies who want to increase their capacity to solve complex problems with state-of-the-art technology. 

Perimeter/area security

Detect incoming intrusions before they even happen, securing important areas and object-based on intelligent detection in different scenarios.  Learn more

Control of PTZ cameras

Use the lidar sensor to detect threats or changes to the environment and instruct your cameras to observe them automatically. 

Integrate with any platform

With tracking and classification of all events, send the alarms to a video management platform such as Milestone or SIA DC-09, etc.

Public safety

We provide lidar solutions to government organizations for public safety.


Monitor without breaching integrity. Lidar monitoring is a competitive alternative at places where cameras are prohibited, e.g. hospital and schools.

Traffic and crowds

Detect changes in publics spaces with a higher likelihood of incidents and public risk, e.g. tunnels, intersections, airports, and train stations. Learn more

Critical infrastructure

Monitor critical infrastructure with robust lidar surveillance, suitable for big areas and complex environments. Telecom masts, power plants, high-risk buildings, and more.

Learn about even more use cases

The high precision to detect even the slightest movement without breaching integrity is useful in many industries.