Fast-track to lidar technology

This is a game-changer if you are
✅ a technology or software company focusing on automation and autonomy
✅ an innovator who wants to stay in the forefront of the rapid technology development
✅ searching for the key competencies and building blocks to utilize and implement 3D data into your systems  
Flasheye's software makes your systems understand what 3D sensors are seeing. With Flasheye's Development Acceleration Kit you can shorten the time to market with years and improve your solutions with state-of-the-art 3D sensors. 

The challenges for all technology and software companies

We know it is challenging to fuel the engine of technological advancement with continuous innovation, to stay ahead of the competition, and to remain relevant in the fast-paced market. Discover how new technology can solve problems that seemed impossible before, paving the way for sustained growth and success.


Adapt to customers' needs and make it easy for them to utilize technological  advancements.


We support you to build experience and skills in lidar technology and to succeed with your solutions.


Services and the Development Acceleration Kit allows you to work faster and smarter. 

We make complex 3D data simple to use for both systems and humans 🌌

Become the leader in your industry and not the follower 

At Flasheye, we are dedicated to offer a fast-track to lidar technology and share our knowledge. Benefit from a flexible licensing model that adapts to your needs and enjoy the freedom of supplier independence, ensuring you're never tied down to one provider. 

50+ parameters and 50+ actionable data are available 🚀

Engineering Services

Expert support, sharing of knowledge, and close collaborations are a good foundation for success!

Trainings and Education

With technical leadership, position yourself at the forefront by keeping attention to new innovations and technology.

Development Acceleration Kit

Experience seamless integration, making cutting-edge technology a part of your solution effortlessly. 

Development Acceleration Kit


3D sensor agnostic layer

Makes it possible to use almost any 3D sensor on the market and combine sensors from different brands. This means support of both old sensors and new sensors.

Advanced filtering

A number of point cloud layers with different kind of data, dynamic, static, etc. This makes it possible to monitor every unique environment.

Container-based software with low CPU requirements

Flasheye's software is unique in flexibility and the software can run on a fanless pc for a 128 line high resolution sensor. 

Features in Flasheye’s configuration interface

No need for scripts and ~50 parameters available

Create 3D zones

Boxes | Cylinders | Cones | Easy GUI

Tracking and filtering settings

Sensitivity | Intelligent and automatic reference

Sensor health

Self diagnostics | Dirt detection | Tampering alarm 

Multi-sensor aggregation

Aggregate many sensors into one point cloud for seamless detection

3D traces viewer

Compressed 3D traces | Simulated 2D traces

Object detection

Detect objects based on class | Velocity | Position | Size

Motion detection

Sensitivity | Thresholds | Logic


Create new and edit your classes based on dimensions


Objects, classes, and information about each object

PTZ camera control

Make cameras see better in all light conditions and weathers!

Volume measurements

Zone-based | Object Based | Different zone configuration

3D model build-up

To achieve the highest accuracy it is possible to aggregate several frames

Development Acceleration Kit + you 

50+ actionable data are available.

React. Control. Present. Analyze. 

Endless flexibility 🚀

Why Flasheye?

Benefit from a flexible licensing model that adapts to your needs and enjoy the freedom of supplier independence, ensuring you're never tied down to one provider. 

open platform

Support of many platforms and protocols allows you to add advanced 3D analytics into your favorite system. 

sensor agnostic

Processes 3D data in real-time, meaning you can use any lidar brand or other sensors generating 3D data.

key competenies

Automation, algorithms, drones, lidar technology, robotics, system of systems and interoperability.


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