Real-time LiDAR insights with Flasheye.

Similar to cameras, but better.

Minimizes Risk.

Protects your Privacy.

All of this in your hands. 
Measures with Precision.

Robust and secure monitoring with integrity is now possible.

Flasheye is a software company based in the north of Sweden, Luleå. Our detailed processing of 3D data in real-time detects deviations and dangers without compromising your own privacy and integrity. We offer you the power and agency to configure our versatile LiDAR toolkit to optimise your operations.

Optimise Production

On truck beds, stockpiles, conveyor belts, etc. Improve production efficiency with machine control based on real-time 3D data.

Prevent Risk

Discover deviations, spillages, size distribution, and foreign objects at an early stage before serious damage occurs.

Public Safety

Detect pedestrians, vehicles, and potential dangers in tunnels, intersections, traffic, and crowded areas.


Pinpoint potential threats with 3D data without breaching GDPR and integrity. PTZ cameras are controlled automatically.

How does it work?

Smart monitoring with LiDAR enables you to improve the quality of your existing safety measures by giving you the ability to detect events. Flasheye's toolkit lets you set this up directly on-site. 

1. Set Up

Add one sensor or synchronise several sensors into one big model of the environment.   

2. Build

Configure the monitoring from our easy, built-in features designed for every unique environment.

3. Integrate

Alarms are presented in multiple external systems, VMS platforms, and industrial protocols.

Optimise your world-class monitoring solutions

Similar to cameras, LiDAR can be used in all imaginable industries and applications. This means hundreds of combinations of the sensor makes and models as well as interoperability protocols...
Flasheye's LiDAR software works with almost all LiDAR sensors, and alarms can be generated in multiple formats, a requirement for the best overall performance and seamless integration. 
We make it easy to collect 3D data from any LiDAR sensor and generate actionable insights that improve safety, quality and operations. Our ambition is to make LiDAR monitoring as simple as using traditional cameras, while offering full flexibility to choose the best tool for the job when it comes to sensor selection and external integrations.

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