Real-time Lidar monitoring software solutions

Zero vision: no accidents

Machine safety and anti-collision between people and vehicles.

Production control

Detect deviations before serious incidents occur.

3D surveillance

Detect unauthorized people and unwanted activites in specific areas.

Product launch

2023 January

Security Solution

2023 Mars

Industrial Solution

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Real-time monitoring with 3D data instead of cameras

3D monitoring is needed for 3D problems. Reliable data that represent the reality is a key factor when transforming industries to become safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

Flasheye takes proven Lidar technology from the automotive-, defense-, and robotics industry into large-scale industrial and security monitoring installations, to ensure early detection of deviations and danger before serious damage occurs. Often more detailed than an operator could.

How does it work?

1. Set up lidar sensors 

Monitor critical target points and ensure control and safety.  

2. Add virtual 3D boxes and rules

Select from built-in features within minutes.

3. Integrate 

Ensure real time insights presented in existing system.


Virtual 3D boxes

Set up 3D monitoring boxes with different rules. Each box can have one or several analytics running!

Object detection

Humans, vehicles, and foreign objects, etc. can be detected and classified. 

Change detection

Detect changes compared to the "normal" production flow with several parameters available.


Volumes and shapes can be measured and analyzed, detect quality deviations early!