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Acuity: a software solution for the security field

Acuity : sharpness or keenness of thought, vision, or hearing."intellectual acuity"

Introducing our product named Acuity – a game-changer in detecting events with high precision using lidar technology. Unlike traditional camera solutions, Acuity delivers instant, reliable information and you will feel confident knowing you have precise data at your fingertips.

Highlights of what is possible

Protect critical infrastructure 

Lidar is a good alternative for public spaces in regards to privacy and integrity laws. Lidar is not sensitive to light conditions and harsh weather.

Public safety

Lidar technology includes the data of distances and sizes, making information reliable for safety critical applications. 

Perimeter Security

The high precision makes it possible to have virtual fences, detecting any movements or unwanted activities.

Easy configuration.

No coding.

Create zones

Map view | 3D view | Detect events

Object classification

E.g. person/vehicle | Velocity | Position | Size


Self diagnosis | Dirt detection | Tampering alarm 

Multi-sensor support

Multi-brand support | Aggregate several sensors to one big model for seamless detection

PTZ camera control

Instruct a PTZ camera to follow the objects' position


MQTT | OPC UA | Milestone | Genetec |  SIA DC-09 | and more!

Outstanding performance is now available for security providers

Lidar technology has been used in defence, surveying, and robotics for a long time. Today, lidar technology is the most promising technology to be the "eyes" of autonomous vehicles and robots thanks to the high precision information about distances, sizes and shapes. 

The technology can now be utilized in the security field with the product Acuity.

Multi-brand support makes it possible to use lidar sensors from the majority of all different manufacturers and send the alarms to video management systems.

No coding and no experts are needed!

How good? 🔮

Why select Acuity?

open platform

Support of many platforms and protocols allows you to add advanced 3D analytics into your favorite system. 

sensor agnostic

Acuity processes 3D data in real-time, meaning you can use any lidar brand or other sensors generating 3D data.

industry experience 

Acuity is developed in collaboration with leaders in the security field and the team has background from the industry. 

Collaborate with us

We are expanding our presence to new countries and are currently looking for partners in the security field, both integrators and distributors. 

Business opportunities

We are with you to help you getting started with lidar and offer competitive solutions that can solve the most challenging customer cases.

Trainings and webinars

You will be able to join regular trainings for both the sales force and tech people.

Marketing collaboration 

Showcase something new and exciting at the next trade show or share our audience.  


We offer all levels of service level agreements if needed.


Torbjörn Halstensen, VP Sales Security

+4676 787 40 72

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