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Flasheye's software makes your systems understand what 3D sensors are seeing. With Flasheye's Development Acceleration Kit you can shorten the time to market with years and improve your solutions with state-of-the-art 3D sensors. 

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Discover how our real-time Flasheye Lidar Perception Software revolutionizes industry safety and automation.

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Flasheye provides the spatial percpetion, necessary to take the next steps towards automation and autonomy. This approach enables both machines and humans to comprehend extensive datasets and make more informed decisions, continuously improving performance and safety.  

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A software solution for the security field
Introducing our product named Acuity – a game-changer in detecting events with high precision using lidar technology. Unlike traditional camera solutions, Acuity delivers instant, reliable information and you will feel confident knowing you have precise data at your fingertips.