Intrusion detection - preventing theft in industrial plants


Real-time 3D surveillance for industrial equipment

Industrial thefts, such as warehouse stock, machines, and other equipment, are quite common. There are ways to prevent them. An example is relevant stock control; it could hint to the company that something is lost or stolen. Also, GPS trackers can be strategically placed on machines or vehicles. This allows the owner to track the stolen machine after a theft has occurred.

Lidar technology generates an alarm immediately when a theft is occurring, notifying the owner. This would increase security in the monitored area, and the solution is independent of the weather or light condition. A lidar solution creates security zones around valuable machines, stock, or other items. It can be regulated when these safety zones are active, as well as how large they are. The security zones can cover machine parks, material, and vehicle fleets.

Since all movements and activities by people are detected, false alarms are mitigated: it is possible to see if it is an actual theft, or if the equipment simply fell over. The same applies to stock control: it can be directly determined if the object was ordered and had to be moved, or if someone unauthorized is trying to take it.

The value of equipment in industrial plants could be millions of dollars, making it utterly important to keep it safe. Lidar is, compared to a surveillance camera system, a cost-effective option.

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