Development project with LKAB  generates a new product : Load Finder


Raw material handling and volume measurements can be challenging in the Industry sector of business, where efficiency and accuracy are crucial. Traditionally, this task has been done by manual methods such as weighing scales, tape measures, or visual estimation, which are error-prone, time-consuming, and unsafe. Moreover, these methods do not account for variations in material density, shape, or moisture content, which can affect the load volume significantly. However, with the advancement of technology, a new solution has emerged that can overcome these limitations and provide real-time, accurate, and reliable load volume measurements: Lidar.

Lidar sensors mounted on poles or gantries can scan the truck beds as they pass through and measure their load volumes in seconds at speeds of up to 30km/h. Flasheye provides the essential building blocks for lidar technology, which we can customize into modular solutions. Our flexible approach is compatible with almost every brand of lidar sensor. One configuration results in a ready-made lidar-based load volume measurement solution called Load Finder.

Load Finder has many advantages over traditional methods. First, it is non-contact and non-invasive, which means it does not interfere with the loading or unloading process or require physical contact with the material or the truck. All it requires is Ethernet and power like any other monitor, but this solution reduces the risk of equipment damage or worker injury and eliminates the need for manual intervention. Secondly, it is fast and automated, which means it can measure multiple trucks quickly and provide real-time feedback to the operators or managers. Automating in this way enables data-driven decision-making and optimization, thus improving operations' productivity and efficiency. Thirdly, it is accurate and consistent, meaning it can measure the actual volume of the material regardless of its density, shape, or moisture content. This consistency ensures fair and transparent billing and invoicing for customers and suppliers, reducing disputes and discrepancies.

Load Finder has many applications in various industries that transport or store bulk materials, such as mining, construction, agriculture, waste management, and forestry. Here are just a few:

  • Monitoring the movement of materials from extraction to delivery.

  • Tracking inventory levels and stockpiles.

  • Verifying inbound or outbound deliveries.

  • Prevention of overloading or underloading of trucks.

  • Optimizing truck utilization and routing. 

As you can see, by adopting Load Finder, businesses can benefit from improved operational efficiency, reduced operating costs, increased customer satisfaction, enhanced environmental compliance, and more.

How LKAB helped to incubate our volume measurement solution.

In fact, this solution was able to assist the international mining and mineral enterprise, LKAB, in detecting structural damage caused by the transport above being too heavily loaded. We configured Load Finder with a Height Limiter function that added intrusion boxes into their ceilings, reacting to overloaded trucks passing over. This functionality would prevent further structural damage and allow LKAB to continue setting novel global standards with their innovative, resource-efficient, and responsible approach to sustainable deep mining through ground-breaking technology and enhanced processes. 

LKAB is no stranger to collaboration toward this end, as they have also initiated a developmental project with ABB, Epiroc, Sandvik, and Combitech in an endeavor dubbed: SUM (Sustainable Underground Mining). This project entails the creation of a testbed within LKAB's subterranean mines in Kiruna and Malmberget, as well as a virtual mine. Here, innovative technology, such as Load Finder, can be developed and tested within an authentic mining environment to address the demands of a sustainable future industry. LKAB has invested billions into this project and its development to establish new infrastructure, mining methods, and work practices to extract iron ore even more safely at greater depths while maintaining profitability and sustainability. It is an honor for Flasheye to contribute to aiding this initiative.

Real-time lidar technology and Load Finder have the potential to revolutionize the way truck bed load volumes are measured in various industries. Flasheye enables businesses, from small enterprises to global giants like LKAB, to optimize their operations, achieve better outcomes, and enhance safety and sustainability by providing accurate and reliable load volume measurements without physical contact or manual intervention. 

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