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Flasheye acquires data capturing company FieldRobotiX


Image above, from left: Mikael Edström, Investment Manager Partner Invest, Ulf Lindström, CEO Flasheye, Dariusz Kominiak, CEO FieldRobotix, and Mikael Nyström, Senior Advisor at Mobilaris Evolve.

Flasheye is growing with new team members, from 1 to 15 in less than a year. In the early stage, before products even launched, it was a big interest from the market to have full solutions and co-development projects. The challenge was to manage the requests, deliveries, and service, and at the same time continue with the product development. 

About Flasheye

Flasheye takes proven 3d lidar technology that has been developed for autonomous cars and other industries to monitor production flows, people safety, and site activities. The first orders came from the mining industry, but it was an increased interest from the security industry as well. Since the software is similar and the aim is to detect movements, changes, and situations; customers saw a lot of potential in industries outside the process industry.

Flasheye is a start-up company that works with state-of-the-art technology which will change the world when we can access ground-truth 3d data in real-time and cost-efficient. Within some years, 3d lidar technology will be everywhere in society, sites, cities, and cars. The latest generation of lidar sensors has dropped in price thanks to the automotive industry, and the price is expected to drop even more. This enables ground-breaking mass installations, and the capacity increases all the time. The sensors are developed to be the eyes of the future’s autonomous cars, but today Flasheye already uses them for installations on walls, ceilings, and pillars.

Ulf Lindström, CEO and founder of Flasheye.

Flasheye's core business has synergies with the competencies in autonomous cars, robotics, and environmental mapping with lidar, but it was still challenging to find the right competencies to accelerate the development. A small team and a few key persons started to work on the development, but the recruitment process was constantly ongoing and the need to complement the team was emerging.

About FieldRobotiX

The idea behind FieldRobotiX was born in 2018, as a research project at Luleå University of Technology focusing on autonomy. Over the years, they have worked closely with people from LKAB and NASA, giving us valuable experience and insights to develop fully autonomous drones for safe inspections. FieldRobotix uses the same technology, 3d lidar, to inspect and map areas that people cannot access.

FieldRobotix is a local company with unique competencies in the same areas as Flasheye is working with. FieldRobotiX will contribute and strengthen our team with continuous development, innovation, and new business opportunities.

Ulf Lindström, CEO and founder of Flasheye

Before the acquisition, a development collaboration was initiated, to co-develop functions that could be useful for both companies. Flasheye's products are close to being launched, and the interest is bigger than the capacity to deliver. Therefore, the acquisition is significantly changing the capacity to manage both customer projects and R&D activities. FieldRobotix has worked closely with Flasheye since before the summer and joined the office in Mobilaris Innovation Center after a time, meaning the onboarding and collaboration have already started with good results.

The merge of our companies ensures that our customers will get the best of two worlds connected together - market-driven directions from the Flasheye together with the research background of FieldRobotiX.

Dariusz Kominiak, CEO and co-founder of FieldRobotix.

Supported by active owners

Flasheye is backed by Mobilaris Evolve as an active investor, who has supported both Flasheye and FieldRobotix through the acquisition process.

We’re proud to take part in the accelerated journey of Flasheye. Their business is growing rapidly with strong interest from the market confirming the need for their smart industrial solutions. To keep the market momentum, Flasheye’s talented team quickly needs to grow, and we found the perfect match with the competence in FieldRobotix. This is what our active ownership is all about, supporting our portfolio companies to overcome the challenges of scaling and actively contributing with our experience and advice in the process

Mikael Nyström, Senior Advisor at Mobilaris Evolve

Some of the team members from FieldRobotix and Flasheye. From the left: Rohith Jayakumara Sarma, Ulf Lindström, Dariusz Kominiak, Sebastian Yngman, Ida Rehnström, Martin Blaszczyk, and Isabella Olsson.


Contact person for more information:

Ulf Lindström, CEO Flasheye