Plant Condition Monitoring 


The challenges of automation in industrial sites stem from a lack of visibility, hindering accurate and efficient operations. However, our advanced Lidar vision system overcomes these hurdles, providing a robust monitoring solution. With enhanced visibility, it minimizes the need for human intervention in repetitive tasks, streamlining processes and boosting productivity.

Conveyor belt monitoring

Receive early warning about the equipment, e.g. side tracking, belt damages, and spillages. The accuracy is down to centimeters.

Recognition of foreign objects 

Ensure early warnings if foreign object is detected in the production. Foreign objects are detected based on shape, size, reflectivity, and sometimes in combination with other technologies. 

Leakages from pipes, tanks and vessels

Lidar sensor cannot see colors, but refelctivity. Therefore it is possible to detect if there are deviations such as  leakages. 

Deviations in machine and building structures

Detect deviation by recognizing changes of the shapes or surface, the maintenance can be optimized and the risk of damage is reduced.

Improve the safety

The information about the equipment is captured across the site. With early warnings, the operators can follow the production safely remote.

Prevent down-time

Prevent mistakes by making sure you always react in time or control the machines directly based on real-time 3D data.


MQTT | OPC UA | ABB | More on request 

Meta-data and Insights

Trends | Fill level |Deviations | Time slots.

Flasheye's lidar solutions

More autonomous

Lidar technology is the most progressive technology acting as eyes for your machines, with an understanding of the environment.

Safer and smarter

Thousands of 3D measurement points and distances are captured in real-time. Self-diagnosis ensures the full capacity of all sensors 24/7.

Technologically agnostic

Flasheye's solutions support almost all sensors that generate 3D data. This allows you to upgrade to the latest technology and keep your momentum. 

Integrity upheld

Light detection allows us to precisely detect movements without identifying individuals and breaching integrity and GDPR. 

You are in good hands.

Flasheye is a software company based in Luleå, Sweden. We have innovative solutions and patent-pending methods that enable quick and secure installations. With competencies from research, automation, software, photogrammetry, AI, robotics, drones, and the process industry, we are thrilled to use this combination of skills to help you solve the most challenging problems. We started in the mining industry, but interest from other sectors is emerging, and today Flasheye serves several industries with lidar-based intelligent monitoring. 


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