Pointclouds: A real-time model with thousands of measurements

The real value from lidar sensors come from the point cloud. A point cloud is a set of points that describe surfaces and objects. The points are created from the time it takes for a laser pulse to reflect on a surface, and since we know the speed of light, we have the distances. Thousands of points capture the environment and creates a real-time 3D model with outstanding spatial and structural reproduction.

3D analysis

What is powerful in point cloud analysis is how the points are related to each other. Sets and structures of points can be recognized as a surface or shape, valuable when extracting information from the point cloud. When a shape is recognized, we can track how the object is moving compared to the environment. For example; following a person or vehicle from distance.

The eyes of the future's autonomous vehicles

3D lidar is the perfect technology to understand its environment and different scenarios, a must when it comes to safety applications. 🏭🌇 The sensor development is mostly driven by the automotive and robotics industry but Flasheye focuses on fixed-mounted installations that can monitor all events like extra "eyes". The capacity is developed for autonomous cars but we can use these sensors today, in a number of applications across industries thanks to the robustness and high-quality data.