Strategic agreement with Ouster

Building the eyes of the autonomous future

Flasheye is signing a strategic agreement with Ouster, one of the leading providers of LiDAR, to ensure the best possible customer experience of reliable and accurate 3d data. Ouster provides high-performance digital lidar solutions worldwide to give 3d vision to robots, smart infrastructure, industrial machines, vehicles, and much more.

The collaboration strengthens Flasheye´s offering with different lidar sensors working seamlessly with Flasheye software solutions. This allows Flasheye to provide solutions for all distances, needs of resolution, and accuracy.

Lidars for mining and raw material industries

When evaluating lidars and hardware, several parameters needed to be considered. Current customers are mostly around the arctic areas, meaning extremely cold temperatures as well as hot temperatures in the summer. The customers are also operating in the mining and other raw material industries which can be a hostile environment for technologies.

We have chosen Ouster since Ouster’s high-resolution and rugged lidar solutions manage outside environments, dust, weather, and harsh conditions. The low meantime between failures was also an important factor.

John Carlson, CTO, Flasheye.

We are looking forward to accelerate the adoption of lidars with leading lidar manufacturers.