Stockpile Measurements


Accurate stockpile measurements are important for process industry companies, since it can lead to an optimal supply chain. This works particularly well for raw materials.

Exact stockpile measurements - relevant information about raw materials

Companies within the process industry want to keep track of the amounts of raw materials in their production plants. This can be a challenge since some raw materials create asymmetric shapes when they are in stockpiles. Product information in number of units can give a good understanding of the production flow, but this is not possible when handling raw materials.

Start monitoring stockpiles

The sensor creates a 3D model that is constantly analysed by Flasheye's software. This happens in real-time, up to 20 times every second. A surface layer is modelled of the stockpile which determines the surface area. Using the ground level or a freely selectable plane as the reference point, and by segmenting out the area that is not part of the stockpile, a final volume is calculated.

Our solution can be integrated with leading industrial control systems, such as ABB and Siemens, as well as other PLC or IT systems. Further, the system has on-premises processing and does not require cloud processing or an internet connection to operate. The typical accuracy level is estimated to 1-3% or better. This means that the measurements made on the stockpiles are highly accurate and gives a correct overview of the amount of raw material in a plant.

Real-time measurements make it possible to detect any changes in the volumes. Also, as a result, data is always available.