Our Story

Flasheye was founded by Ulf Lindström in Kiruna, the most north of Sweden close to the mining companies and heavy industry. The climate above the arctic circle is harsh and mining companies have high requirements on all equipment, when it comes to robustness and performance. Every unplanned stop represent a risk for the workers, huge costs caused by lost production time, and damaged equipment.

The idea came from a long experience in the mining industry, where Ulf Lindström evaluated different methods for high-precision detection of production deviations early, to prevent breakdowns and accidents. 3D lidar was the most promising technology and with its long range, the sensors could also monitor the movements between people, machines, and vehicles cost-efficient. The key is Flasheye´s software solution that enables plug-and-play installations on-site, without the need of experts. The performance is guaranteed by collaborations with world-leading lidar manufacturers.

Flasheye is a software company with product development in the forefront and patent-pending methods that enable quick and secure installations. With competencies from research, automation, software, photogrammery, robotics, drones, and process industry, we are thrilled to solve the most challenging problems.