Flasheye is one of the winners of Swedish Mining Innovation Idea Competition

Flasheye was one of the pitching companies at Swedish Mining Innovation Idea Competition (EuroMine Expo 2022). The presented idea was real-time and large-scale installations of 3D LiDAR in the mining raw material processing infrastructure enabled by edge-computing, easy and safe configuration with Flasheye software (...)

Flasheye is raising new capital taking the company and business to the next level

Ambitious goals need ambitious investors. We are grateful to announce that Flasheye has new investors onboard, supporting our journey and the adoption of smart 3D monitoring with LiDAR (...)

Building the eyes of the autonomous future

Flasheye has an agreement with Ouster, one of the leading providers of LiDAR, to ensure the best possible customer experience of reliable and accurate 3D data. Ouster provides high-performance digital lidar solutions worldwide to give 3D vision to robots, smart infrastructure, industrial machines, vehicles, and much more.