3D surveillance to detect unauthorized people and control cameras


Immediate detection of changes, movements, or potential intruders with 3D lidar real-time analysis

The need for cost-efficient and robust surveillance is increasingly growing and at the same time, we want to ensure integrity and privacy. 3D lidar surveillance provides  immediate detection of changes compared to the desired situation and accurate tracking of intruders without breaching the laws of GDPR since individuals cannot be identified. Virtual boxes allow us to restrict  areas and set rules for different purposes or different times during the day and night. The information can be used to make better decisions and faster actions or instruct cameras within the private property. 


Volumetric surveillance excels in video and perimeter security in many parameters since it has the advantages of making analysis of objects directly in the 3D space, accurate and similar to how we experience the world spatially. LiDAR is an active sensing technology that manages all weathers, darkness, sunlight, and harsh conditions. 3D data ensure reliable analysis since it includes all shapes, sizes, and movements related to each other, which mitigates false alarms. With this quality of data, you can come far with rule-based analysis, and only use AI and machine learning when appropriate. In addition to this, lidar sensors in fixed installations always remember and compare the situation to the normal and desired condition. 

Lidar and video cameras have different strengths and combined, you can achieve a very robust solution managing most conditions and mitigating false alarms. The 3D lidar surveillance solution could work independently and autonomously, but before taking action, you often want to involve an operator that could evaluate the situation and confirm if there is danger and take the right actions based on the information. In this case, lidar sensors track objects and instruct PTZ cameras where to look, and provide a video capture based on reliable information, and not sending false alarms from smaller animals, moving vegetation, etc.   

Work as before but with better information from cutting-edge technology

Flasheye expertise is to make raw 3D data from any LiDAR sensor actionable and provided in standardized formats (json, mqtt, etc.) that can be integrated with other systems, such as video- or access management systems etc. This allows you to continue to work as you are used to and with consideration to existing infrastructure, but with better information and reliable alarms from cutting-edge technology.   

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