Discover the alphabet of LiDAR software. We have all the tools needed to understand what is happening in the physical environment and generate insights with lightweight messages. 

Real-time LiDAR monitoring. Similar to cameras, but better.

More autonomous

LiDAR-based vision systems are the most accurate and promising technology that provide the eyes for robots, vehicles, etc. with an understanding of the environment similar to humans. 

Safer and smarter

Thousands of 3D measurement points and distances are captured in real-time, making it possible to act immediately if there are any risks. Self-diagnosis ensures the full capacity of all sensors 24/7.

Technologically agnostic

Flasheye software solutions support almost all sensors that generate 3D point clouds. This allows you to upgrade to the latest technology and keep the momentum. 

Integrity upheld

Light detection allows us to detect movements and changes with high precision without identifying individuals and breaching integrity and GDPR. 

Endless opportunities

The story 

The alphabet of LiDAR software is with inspiration from  Christopher Polhem, an 18th-century Swedish inventor who is known for his contribution to the development of modern mechanics and creation of the "mechanical alphabet" . Polhem's mechanical alphabet consisted of 400 symbols, each representing a different mechanical device or operation, and they were designed to be easy to understand and remember. By using the symbols, engineers and inventors could communicate their ideas and designs across different languages and cultures. This made it easier to share knowledge and collaborate on new inventions.

What is even possible to monitor?

Exactly like other technologies, there are limitations about what is possible to see and detect with LiDAR sensors. The alphabet includes all features that is needed to understand 3D data and what is happening in the physical environment. 

If you can see it - we can detect it.

You can detect everything that is visual; by shape, change, and movements, etc. The LiDAR sensor cannot recognize colors, but it measures the reflectivity instead. The precision can be down to centimeters.

Easy rules and instant results

We are used to think in terms of meters, seconds, shapes, etc. This is used to set the rules and the understanding of the point cloud that is processed in real-time.

Launch your next game-changing product

Set up scenarios. Let the sensors work 24/7.

Object detection

Size | Velocity | Direction

Change detection

Volume | Intrusion | Characteristics  

Real time locating 

Tracking | Prediction | Distances

Meta-data and insights

Classification | Counting |Trends

You are in good hands

Flasheye is a software company based in Luleå, Sweden. The company has product development in the forefront and patent-pending methods that enable quick and secure installations. With competencies from research, automation, software, photogrammery, AI, robotics, drones, and process industry, we are thrilled to help other technology companies to solve the most challenging problems. We started in the mining industry but the interest from other industries are emerging and today Flasheye serves several industries with LiDAR-based smart monitoring. 

Trainings, collaboration, and webinars

We will have webinars for different industries during 2023 (soon to be announced) and are also having trainings for consultants, technology companies, and integrators. 

Support in choice of hardware

We have experience from different brands, sensor technologies, edge computing, and complementing hardware for different environments and customer requirements. 

Knowledge about applications

Our team has a long experience from the field, especially from the  industrial and security perspective, and can guide you to getting started with lidar-based solutions. 


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